Terms of Reference


The Forum Planning Group will meet at least four times a year with one of these being an annual Conference  
A Conference will be held once every calendar year.  
These Terms of Reference shall be subject to a formal annual review by the Planning Group. Any amendments to the Terms of Reference must be approved by the planning group. Whenever possible, decisions of the Forum will be made by consensus. If opinion is divided a vote may be taken, and a motion will normally be carried by a simple majority of those attending and voting. At the discretion of the Chair, a vote by post or e-mail may be called of all the full members who are on the current mailing list.


Public Health Wales representatives will act as the Forum Secretariat. This will include taking minutes of meetings, and distributing minutes, agendas and other papers to the members. The Forum membership list will remain the property of the All Wales Needle Exchange Forum.
Forum Planning Group

The Forum Planning Group will consist of:

  • Regional Co-ordinator for each of the seven Health Boards / Substance Misuse Area Planning Boards
  • Two service user representatives
  • Two representatives from Public Health Wales
  • A commissioning representative from Community Safety Partnerships
  • Community Pharmacy

As far as possible, these additional members should represent different geographical areas. There will not be a formal election for these positions, but all members of the Planning Group must be approved by a meeting of the Forum, and their names recorded in the minutes.
The role of the Planning Group will be to carry forward the aims of the Forum between meetings. It will seek to represent the views and interests of the membership as a whole. Decisions taken by the Planning Group will be reported to the membership at the next full meeting of the Forum.
Other members of the Forum may volunteer, or be invited by the Planning Group, to contribute to the work of the Forum on specific issue


Membership is free of charge. Full membership is open to individuals who support the role and purpose of the forum:

  1. Individuals whose work involves the provision or development of needle exchange services;
  2. Users of needle exchange services and representatives of needle exchange user groups;
  3. Non-commercial organisations which have a professional interest in needle exchange, and which support the role and purpose of the Forum


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